15-02-1956 (Algiers)

In his early years, he had already planned with his little brother Rabah to take over the laundry of his mother and to make a workshop out of it.
They gave it the name LEBUITA which means the little corner in arabic.
After having attended many different schools in algiers, they were gradually pushed by their ambition to leave Algeria to go and settle down in Europe.  
The idea is naturally to increase their knowledge.
His little brother Rabah was the first one to make the move and to go to Paris
After graduating the academic school of art in algiers.
Shortly after that, Mohamed on his turn made his move and went to Andalucia
Spain for a short period of time. After that he decided to follow his brother’s
Itinerary and headed to Paris.
Not long after that Mohamed had another itenerary this time England was the next country. It was in London where he has attended different studies such as
fashion and industrial design.
In 1985 he met his dutch girlfriend and a year later he decided once more to extend borders and to depart to Holland.
His dream came true in 1997, when he opened his own workshop with the help
of his girlfriend.Workshop LEBUITA was born.
Since then Brahimi has been living and working in Maasbommel (Land van West Maas & Waal) in the dutch countryside.
In the year 2001 came his first assignment. The department of justice Den bosch had a new act of law called Plukze wet and to promote the idea, they wanted him to design and to make a national trophy.
With luck he succeded to create and make the sculpture that got the name
De kale kip, which means the bare chicken in the dutch language.
Brahimi is a versatile artist. From watercolour, oil & acrylic paint, to collage,
Sculpture and even writing.
The materials used are diverse from Paper, wood, fabric, plaster and lead.
His latest creation is recycling the used paint tubes to create those amazing miniture  sculptures. Aware of the daily life and those real facts, he gave those tubes a second life and added in the same time a soul to them. With full motions. the tiny details in his work reflects an achievement of real fine arts.
For each sculpture, a poetical text is added to finally leave a strong message behind in the minds of  the viewer whom hopefully appreciates and accepts
the result earned by his work.